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November 29, 2006 at 5:36 pm | | literature, seminars

Taekjip Ha (UIUC, HHMI) gave the applied-physics seminar yesterday, and talked about his single-molecule FRET on helicases and sm-FRET combined with force experiments on Holliday DNA junctions. It was a normal Ha talk: with long SM time traces (with the help of oxygen-scavengers) and sensitive FRET measurements. It was interesting to see what Ha calls “repetitive shuttling” of the rep-helicase—sliding on ssDNA, then jumping back to the end of the strand.

He also mentioned something funny at the beginning of his talk. He searched PubMed for the term “single molecule” in the title and saw an exponential growth since the late 1980s, doubling every 2.2 years. He also noted that the total number of titles in PubMed only doubles every 20 years. Thus, he reasoned, by 2035 AD, every paper published in the field of biomedicine will be a single-molecule paper. Ha! Well that should make some people pretty upset.

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