single-molecule feng shui

November 14, 2007 at 5:46 pm | | nerd, single molecules

We just moved to a different apartment, and started doing some decorating. Man, we went all out. You know, lovin’ it.

And I just don’t get enough of looking at single fluorescent molecules while I’m at lab. I miss them when I’m home. So we decorated our living room so that I never have to feel too far away from my fluorophores:


Figure 1. (left) sample under white light, (middle) white light and single-molecule emission overlaid, and (right) single-molecule emission only. We have some problem with background, but we are able get achieve signal-to-background ratios sufficient for imaging.

I really have no idea why my girlfriend let us do this. It was partially her idea, really. Maybe she wanted to keep me home longer, staring at the walls, writing down filenames, instead of heading into lab.

Molecular Gastronomy

November 7, 2007 at 5:15 pm | | science community

From Alton Brown’s “I’m Just Here for the Food”:

Physical Reaction. Fire is a physical reaction wherein a fuel
(oxygen) combusts, in the presence of a catalyst (a chunk of charcoal).

Pictorially, this can be represented as:


It’s like watching The Core, only no Hilary Swank.

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