So that’s how you make a laser work

March 19, 2009 at 5:25 pm | | scientific integrity, wild web



This image is from a Wired! article on a 100kW mobile laser defense system that was recently tested.  I guess they’re planning on just airbrushing out the warheads faster than the Iranians can photoshop them in.


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  1. how do you know that’s not a 100-kW laser?

    Comment by sam — March 19, 2009 #

  2. Maybe they turned down the power setting?

    Comment by mitch — March 19, 2009 #

  3. Maybe it’s just set to stun.

    Comment by Kyle Finchsigmate — March 20, 2009 #

  4. Even on stun, you won’t

    1) Be able to see the Rayleigh scattering from the other side of a high reflector

    2) Change directions going through an iris

    3) Bounce a laser off the frosted side of a mirror

    Comment by kendall — March 21, 2009 #

  5. those are metamaterial optical componants.

    Comment by sam — March 21, 2009 #

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