July 2, 2009 at 3:33 pm | | everyday science

I just had a manuscript rejected from Angew. Chem. I think I’m going to rework it into a full article in J. Phys. Chem. B. I’ll look on the bright side: now all the data and methods will be published instead of hidden in the SI.


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  1. Too bad you’re not in Klaus Mullen’s group. They’ll publish anything by him.

    Comment by excimer — July 2, 2009 #

  2. Or J. J. LaClair ;-)

    Seriously though, commiserations on the rejection but don’t get phased by it. I’m constantly amazed by some of the crap that gets published in the JACS and Angew, compared to some really good stuff that’s been rejected (not by me – I’m not twisted and bitter here). Really it’s the luck of the reviewer draw.

    Speaking of which, I just recommended rejection of a paper from a University in the middle east – no names – and I just have to have a whine about it. It was part 11 in a series of papers that were *marginally* different, and similar to a few others this guy had published not in the series. His papers were scattered around in the Turk. J. Chem., Chem. Het. Comp., Synth. Comm., Arkivoc., Asian J. Chem…. you get the idea, not crap journals but certainly second tier. On top of that he seemed to have ‘borrowed heavily’ from another author, who may have been a previous supervisor.

    What bugs me is the proliferation of these “minimal publishable unit” papers ( And they tend to self-cite as well to help run up their H-index. When I was a grad student 20 years ago I had never even heard about citation numbers or impact factors. Now these metrics seem to be the key driver of science and it’s causing a blight on the chemistry literature, that’s for sure.

    Comment by Sinbad — July 2, 2009 #


    to make you feel more cheerful about your ACIE rejection

    Comment by milkshaken — July 2, 2009 #

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