new Ar laser installation

January 16, 2007 at 11:41 am | | everyday science, hardware

My lab bought an Argon-ion laser to replace an older one that wasn’t working anymore. That’s good news. Then we had to physically replace the old one. That’s the bad news. (We’re chemists, not weight-lifters….) But it ended up being really fun. I missed the worst part—moving the heavy laser down the stairs into the basement—because of a well timed vacation. But after the winter break, we moved it into the lab.

First, out with the old laser:


That wasn’t too bad, but the new laser was heavier and longer. But we did it:


The old power supply was fascinating:old_power_supply.jpg

I didn’t dare to open the new power supply, but I did cut off the key on the back:


And we had to mop up the mess from unhooking the cooling water lines:




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  1. looks like a centipede with fewer legs. Come to think about it, I look like a centipede with fewer legs.

    Comment by william — January 16, 2007 #

  2. Yo Sam, Ssup?

    something struck me and I remembered this place. No googling, just single shot typing ‘everyday..’ and I am here.

    I wonder whether you get to see this although this is comment to an outdated posting. Well, that just gives me more freedom of writing..

    That argon ion finally retired! Hope it gets good benefits and peaceful silver life and all..but you know you had to have thought of such thing when you were young.

    Well, I just want to tell you this: A skylark can chirp near your window but it does not get you a free pretzel. Now deal with that.


    Comment by jaesuk — February 20, 2007 #

  3. ha! i see all the comments! good to hear from you, jaesuk, i hope things are going well in switzerland. ilja gave a talk here a few weeks ago that was really cool.

    Comment by sam — February 20, 2007 #

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