lab-cleanup day

June 30, 2006 at 6:31 pm | | everyday science, lab safety

The Moerner lab had it’s (approximately) annual lab-cleanup day: We spent from 10am–3pm cleaning up the lab (with a break for lunch, of course). Here are some pics, including some before-and-after:

peoplecleaning2.jpgFigure 1. Look at everyone cleaning!

nickdye.jpgFigure 2. Unlabeled vial?!? I bet it’s dye.

prep_before.jpgprep_after.jpgFigure 3. Prep lab, (upper) before (lower) after

dyes_before.jpgdyes_after2.jpgFigure 4. Dye samples, (upper) before (lower) after

wire_before.jpgwires_after.jpgFigure 5. Electronics, (upper) before (lower) after

cart_before.jpgcart_after.jpgFigure 6. Random optics on a cart, (upper) before (lower) after

allthetrash2.jpgallthetrash1.jpgFigure 7. All the trash

Well, not everything is nice and clean and neat and organized and put away … for the next two months. I didn’t get any pics of the vacuuming, the lifting strange pieces of equipment from the 1980s, and the organizing of filters. Fun stuff!

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  1. Taking pictures — always a nice way to dodge the heavy-lifting. Well played, Sam! :-)

    Comment by jordan — July 6, 2006 #

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