I, for one, welcome our new kitten overlords!

June 10, 2006 at 8:37 am | | science and the public, stupid technology

I was reading this blurb on slashdot:

“San Diego-based company, Allerca, said that using a technique known as genetic divergence, it has ‘bred the world’s first hypoallergenic kitten, opening the doors and arms of millions of pet lovers for whom cuddling a cat has, until now, been a curse … After identifying the genes of kittens with proteins that provide less of a reaction in humans, they selectively bred litters over several generations to end up with an allergy-friendly super cat.’ The company says its customers are expected to take delivery of their $4,000 hypoallergenic kittens in early 2007.”

Except for one thing – its bullshit! Apparently these boys are also working on GFP imbued flourescent deer, you know, to avoid car accidents. Oh , and by the way, why not just check out the all-natural alternative?


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  1. Leave it the “oh, we shouldn’t play God” liberals to ruin a great idea! All they do is preach and pray, denouncing science and rallying their evangelical, fundamentalist base. You liberals disgust me! All of God’s creatures should be modified to make sure they are 100% compatible with humans, and no liberal watchdog group like the Baptist church is going to stop it! If God didn’t want us tampering with evolution, which liberals don’t even believe in, then he shouldn’t have given us opposable thumbs!

    Comment by charles — June 10, 2006 #

  2. We liberals disgust ourselves! Shame on us.

    Comment by ilya — June 11, 2006 #

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