Folding in Style

August 23, 2006 at 10:19 pm | | nerd, news, science and the public, science@home, software, wild web

The folding-at-home package has been ported to Sony’s much anticipated PS3 console. The point? None! But, it’ll make Vijay’s group happy and its always nice to see some of our peers get street-cred in the popular media. I hear their groundbreaking cell architecture is a ~10x improvement over your typical PC!

Ah, the irony – this is probably the only software out there that can leverage the PS3’s sweet sweet cpu cycles. Now, if I could only frag more of those proteins … sigh … here is some eye candy:

The official press release from Folding at Home and some coverage from Engadget.


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  1. Just how much more powerful will folding@home be with all those PS3s?

    I bet 10x.

    Comment by william — August 24, 2006 #


    Comment by sam — August 24, 2006 #

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