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June 23, 2008 at 12:35 pm | | EDSELs, literature, science community, wild web

JACSβ is ACS’s attempt at going Web2.0, but I’m not too impressed, yet. The strangest thing is the JACS podcasts, which is nothing more than someone reading a JACS Comm word-for-word … literally! Seriously, they even read the submission date and describe the figures.

You can’t really get the full effect of a scientific article unless it’s narrated. Back in my day, we had all papers read to us out loud; I’ve never picked up a journal or read a paper on a computer screen. I’ve just hired someone to read anything I hand to him.

Seriously, though, I challenge you to go listen to the two podcasts they have at the JACSβ website. See if you can listen to and understand the articles all the way through.


UPDATE: My labmate pointed out the following: “The best thing is that according to the website, the JACS podcast is ‘Free for a limited time.’ Limited!?! Like we’ll pay for it after?” Ha!

UPDATE 2: This should have received an EDSEL in Literature.

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