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November 17, 2008 at 11:39 am | | literature, news, wild web

I’m fine with the ACS redesign. What I’m not fine with is no longer having the TOC images in my RSS feeds from ACS. What are they thinking?!? Hopefully that gets fixed soon.


I received this email from ACS:

We are aware that the journal RSS feeds are currently not displaying the TOC graphics that were present before we moved to our new Web platform. Please be patient as we work to bring these graphics back to the feeds. Thank you for voicing your concerns and making sure that we recognize their importance. We truly value your feedback and hope that this will be resolved soon.

So we need to be patient.

UPDATE 2: The images returned, but they’re so small to be worthless. I used Yahoo Pipes to edit the feed to show the “medium” images. Here’s the new JACS RSS feed with medium images.

UPDATE 3: Looks like everything is fixed finally. No need for my Yahoo! Pipes edits anymore.


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  1. I don’t know what happened, but I had >>1000 feeds from ACS journals between Friday and Saturday. And the entries/titles were very messed up, and sans-TOC figures.

    Comment by Alex — November 17, 2008 #

  2. I dislike that the default page setting doesn’t have the graphics either. And when they DO show up, the resolution is horribly low–I can’t even make out some of the structures! :(

    Comment by psi*psi — November 17, 2008 #

  3. but it is a cool idea to be able to see all the figures before opening the paper.

    Comment by sam — November 17, 2008 #

  4. Everything about the ACS redesign sucks. The end. I have yet to find something I like about it, and this RSS feed bullshit is the icing on the poop cake. People tend to forget that things that are not broken don’t require fixing but HEY AT LEAST I CAN TELL ALL MY HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK ABOUT THIS TOTALLY SWEET JACS COMM NOW!!111oneoneeleventy

    Comment by excimer — November 17, 2008 #

  5. I really liked the old ACS design. I hope that this new one eventually gets better. But excimer, I think you’re just being a luddite. ;)

    Comment by sam — November 17, 2008 #

  6. Good, I was hoping it wasn’t just me; confused the hell outta me.

    Comment by Will — November 17, 2008 #

  7. yes, it definitely is!

    Comment by psi*psi — November 18, 2008 #

  8. If you want to see the graphical abstracts go to I fixed the feeds by hand and on the fly.

    Comment by Mitch — November 19, 2008 #

  9. They are back up this morning. However, they are extremely small. Is it just me?

    Comment by croker — November 21, 2008 #

  10. i edited the feed here:

    just changed the image source to show the “medium” image instead of the “small” one. feel free to use this feed instead.

    Comment by sam — November 21, 2008 #

  11. cute.

    Comment by mitch — November 21, 2008 #

  12. yes, i know: amateur.

    Comment by sam — November 21, 2008 #

  13. the TOC images have disappeared again. wtf is ACS thinking?!?

    Comment by sam — December 19, 2008 #

  14. OK, it looks like everything is fixed now.

    Comment by sam — December 22, 2008 #

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