Wow, that’s a lot of citations!

October 3, 2006 at 5:42 pm | | literature

I was looking for an old Chidsey paper on his SAM work in Bell labs and came accross a startling discovery:

The paper (Porter, M. D.; et al. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1987, 109, 3559-3568 ) has been cited 2070 times and, in 2003 (about 500 citations ago), was listed as JACS 43rd most cited paper since the beginning of the journal.

His second most cited paper, a study on free energy dependence of electron transfers (Chidsey, CED; Science, 1991, 251, 919-922) has a measly 667 citations. His top 5 are rouned out with a 1991 alkane-thiol paper in JACs at 649 citations, a SAM chemical-functionality paper in Langmuir from 1990 with 602 citations, and a alkyl-monolayers on silicon from 1995 JACS cited 420 times.

So, apparently in 1998, the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI, now Thomson Scientific, and creaters of the Web of Knowledge) ranked the top 10000+ chemists between in terms of number of times their work (published between 1981 and 1997) has been cited. Chidsey was 542nd with 3049 citations for only (get this) 36 papers!!! That’s 84.69 average citations per paper! In terms of average citations/paper, Chidsey is 272nd out of 10,000+.

Some other famous Stanfordians on the list (data from 1981-1997):

Richard Zare: 26th in total citations with 9617 citations over 290 articles (33.16 average)

Barry Trost: 28th in total citations with 9302 citations over 332 articles (28.02 average)

John Brauman: 330th in total citations with 3837 citations over 142 articles (27.02 average)

Jim Collman: 331st in total citations with 3835 citations over 111 articles (34.55 average)

M.D. Fayer: 372nd in total citations with 3606 citations over 155 articles (23.26 average)

Ed Solomon: 407th in total citations with 3424 citations over 117 articles (29.26 average)

Chris Chidsey: 542nd in total citations with 3049 citations over 36 papers (84.69 average)

Carl Djerassi: 831rd in total citations with 2477 citations over 141 papers (17.57 average)

Keith Hodgson: 1043rd in total citations with 2211 citations over 79 articles (27.99 average)

Paul Wender: 1346th in total citations with 1884 citations over 77 articles (24.47 average)

Steve Boxer: 2818th in total citations with 1235 citations over 48 articles (25.73 average)

Bob Waymouth: 3256th in total citations with 1130 citations over 37 articles (30.54 average)

W.E. Moerner: 4457th in total citations with 925 citations over 31 articles (29.84 average)

Robert Pecora: 6027th in total citations with 757 citations over 45 articles (16.82 average)

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  1. Since when did ISI become subscription only?

    Comment by kendall — October 3, 2006 #

  2. way to go chidsey group!

    Comment by Anando — October 4, 2006 #

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