October 12, 2006 at 8:33 am | | grad life

I was on the train yesterday and saw out the window a big field. For some reason, I thought, hey, after I graduate, I could be homeless for a little while. What?!? If my goal is to be homeless, why am I in grad school? Good question: but I’m really enjoying science and research, so what’s the point in questioning anything…

On a similar note, I really want to get a camper van and sleep in it on days when I’m too lazy to commute all the way back up to my place in the city. But where would I park it? And my girlfriend doesn’t seem too thrilled with the idea (even though I’d let her use it too!).


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  1. I knew a guy who did two years of his M.D. while living in a tent in the city park.

    It almost makes a lot of sense considering that their shifts can exceed 30 hours, and sleeping in open beds is commonplace. Or at least it was.

    Comment by userlame — October 13, 2006 #

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