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April 1, 2006 at 8:54 pm | | everyday science, hardware


Man, I had bad luck with lasers on Friday. First, the guy from Spectra Physics showed up two hours late then to check out our Millenia (532 nm, 5 W diode) laser. It sounds like the power supply ($1200) is dead; also, one or both of the diodes ($11000 each) might need replacing. We asked him about trade-in possibilities for a 532-nm, 250 mW laser.

Then Jim, Frank, and I tried to get the OPO working. We re-aligned it three times to no avail. Here’s a pic of the setup:


The Ar+ pumps the Ti-Sapph, which pumps the OPO. We can get the Ar+ to be pretty stable after several hours of tweaking, and the Ti-Sapph stays mode-locked pretty well. But the OPO won’t … well … it won’t OPO, I guess. We got to open up the OPO, which was pretty neat:


Actually, it’s kinda fun tweaking all these scary knobs and mirrors and crystals. But it would be a lot funner if it worked after all that tweaking. Oh well, there’s always Monday…


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  1. Have you checked the flux capacitor? Definitely looks like a flux capacitor problem to me. Definitely, definitely.

    Comment by jordan — April 2, 2006 #

  2. Flux capacitor, eh? Well, I’ll have to take the one out of my DeLorean.

    Comment by sam — April 2, 2006 #

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