April 27, 2006 at 9:16 pm | | news

I just hosted Prof. Jim Gimzewski from UCLA for a student-hosted talk. Very strange talk; on the same level as Barry Sharpless in its absurdity. But it was really enjoyable if you just let him take you on a journey … to nowhere, really.

I suspect many people in the audience were expecting a more sciency—or coherent—talk, and this disappointed them. But there was certainly a fraction of us who really loved it. What a wonderful break from the usual science talk. He was rambling about Buddhist Atomism, where what we see is a movie of atom-things flashing in and out of existence. And the sounds a butterfly makes while in the chrysalis. And sticky cells. And an outfit designed to mimick protein folding. And dancing representing the nano. All so strange.

Well, I’m not describing his talk very well, but you should just try to see him sometime. And Sharpless.


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  1. A really good talk and an interesting person. I would say it made for a great afternoon.

    Comment by william — April 27, 2006 #

  2. I missed the talk, but I had two very interesting conversations with him. Seemed like an interesting guy.

    Comment by charles — April 28, 2006 #

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